Dr. Scholl’s® Comfort Air-Pillo® Insoles

Woman sitting on a stone ledge, holding her heel which hurts from wearing high heels

Dr. Scholl’s® Comfort Air-Pillo® Insoles have a double layer system which includes a top layer of soft cushioning foam that provides long-lasting comfort and a bottom layer of shock absorbing foam that bounces back time after time. For protection against odour from sweaty feet and foot fungus, the top cloth contains an antimicrobial agent that kills odour-causing fungus and bacteria. These insoles provide less wrinkling, bunching and slipping, to provide comfortable shoe fit. This product contains natural rubber (latex).

Available in:

Men's sizes 7-13.

Trim to fit.

Women's sizes 5-10.

Trim to fit.

Always read and follow the label.