Energizing Comfort with Massaging Gel® Insoles

We designed Dr. Scholl’s® Energizing Comfort with Massaging Gel® Insoles especially for people with foot and leg fatigue and foot discomfort. Made with Massaging Gel® Advanced technology, they double the comfort in your shoes*, so you can feel comfortable and more energized all day.

*For those with foot discomfort

Product Benefits

Superior comfort that keeps you feeling more energized all day

  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue in feet and legs and allows you to stay on your feet for longer
  • Clinically proven to provide superior, all-day comfort in each of the 4 key areas of your foot – forefoot, mid-sole, arch & heel
  • Massaging Gel® Advanced multi-layer gel waves act like tiny springs to absorb shock
Designed For
Casual Shoes and Sneakers Men's Dress Shoes Work Boots and Shoes
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Cushioning and support for all-day comfort

Image of Dr. Scholl's, Massaging Gel,  Advanced Insoles
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  • 1. Responsive-Wave Cushioning
    Massaging Gel® Advanced multi-layer waves absorb shock and provide cushioning for all-day comfort
  • 2. Added heel support
    With firmer gel around the heel
  • 3. Arch support
    Unique gel design ensures comfortable support of the arch
Image of Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel,  Advanced Insoles
  • When you are on your feet all day, the muscles in your feet and legs can become fatigued from working to support your body. This can leave you with tired, achy feet and legs and could slow you down.
  • Dr. Scholl’s® Massaging Gel® Advanced Insoles provide support and cushioning which helps reduce muscle fatigue and keeps you feeling more energized throughout the day.

Your shoe’s current insoles are probably removable – TAKE THEM OUT FIRST.


Place insole into shoe to test for size.


If needed, trim along the outline (on top of the insole near the toes) that matches your shoe size.


Insert insole into shoe GEL SIDE DOWN.

Replace insoles every six (6) months or at the first signs of wear

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