Float-On-Air Foam Insoles

We designed Dr. Scholl’s® Float-On-Air™ Foam Insoles to provide all-day comfort from tired, achy feet so you can stay on your feet longer. Only Dr. Scholl’s has the Float-On-Air™ cushioning bubbles that bounce back with each step, delivering superior softness you can feel across your entire foot. Lighter than traditional insoles, they’re designed to fit all shoes comfortably.

Product Benefits
  • Stay on your feet longer with the only insoles featuring uber-soft Float-On-Air™ Foam that give you cushioning bubbles that bounce back with every step. Proven for all-day extreme comfort and relief from tired, achy feet.
  • Layered with moisture wicking, Polygiene® Stays Fresh technology, to neutralize odors and keep insoles fresh.
  • The foam will slowly bounce back when you take your shoe off so you can count on the same support the next time you wear your shoes.
  • Our contoured heel and arch support help provide additional comfort so you have the energy to keep moving and get even more out of your day.
  • Designed to fit comfortably in all shoes, including casual and dress shoes. Trim to fit any shoe.
Designed For
Athletic Shoes and Sneakers Casual Shoes and Sneakers Men's Dress Shoes Work Boots and Shoes Women's Flats and Boots
Available In
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  • 1. Float-On-Air™ Foam
    New foam technology with cushioning bubbles bounces back with every step.
  • 2. Contoured Heel & Arch Support
    Improve support and move dynamically with your foot.
  • 3. Neutralized odor with Polygiene Stays Fresh® Technology 
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  • Tired, achy feet are caused by overworking the foot muscles. It is more likely to occur if the foot is improperly supported. When the foot is improperly supported, it may not function as efficiently as a shock absorber. As a result, weight is not distributed efficiently, which can cause achy, sore and/or tired feet.
  • Dr. Scholl’s® Float-On-Air™ Foam Insoles are proven to provide immediate relief and all-day comfort with the help of the Float-On-Air™ foam with cushioning bubbles that bounce back with each step. The cushioning spans the full insole helping to distribute weight efficiently. The contoured heel and arch support absorbs shock that helps to reduce achy and tired feet.

Are the insoles in your shoes removable? Take them out first.


Place your insoles into the shoe, fabric side up.


Ensure that your insole lays flat against bottom of your shoe.


Enjoy your daily activities in comfort!

Replace insoles every six (6) months or at the first signs of wear.

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