What Are Blisters?

A blister forms when skin forms a raised bubble filled with fluid.

Image of heel foot indicating a blister  on heel. 

You can get blisters anywhere on the skin of your feet where there is shoe rubbing or irritation, but they’re most commonly found on the back of the heel and sides of the foot. Often, blisters are accompanied by discomfort or pain as they rub against shoes.

What Are The Causes of Blisters?

Improperly fitting shoes, and the rubbing or friction you get with them, are the main causes of blisters.

In addition, you can also get blisters from vigorous activity – even when your shoes fit properly. Friction is the main factor, so any repetitive movement involving your feet can lead to blisters.

Help For Managing Blisters

Get tips on how to prevent blisters – and help protect them so they can heal.

  • Use cushioning products specifically designed for blisters to help protect them so you can move more comfortably. Dr. Scholl’s® blister cushioning products are packaged in sterile form to help prevent a blister from developing an infection
  • Wear properly sized and fitting shoes
  • Wear shoes specifically designed for your activities
  • Wear hosiery or socks, especially with new shoes or shoes that have seams or rough areas that could cause rubbing

Not a medical diagnosis. For information purposes only. If you have diabetes, poor blood circulation, or fragile skin, or symptoms are severe or persist, consult your podiatrist or physician before using products.

Conditions Related to Blisters