Freeze Away Max™ Wart Remover

We designed Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Max™ wart remover to meet the need for easy removal of common and plantar warts. With its precision spray of cooling gas, Freeze Away Max directly freezes the wart down to the core, providing a simple one-action, fast, targeted and effective way to eliminate warts.

Product Benefits
  • Effective removal of common and plantar warts
  • Fastest treatment time – as fast as 10 sec
  • Precision spray for direct freezing of warts
  • Easy to use in one simple action
  • Safe to use on children ages 4+
  • 10 Treatments
Weight 0.193 oz
  • When it comes to wart removal, some people with common and plantar warts find freeze wart treatments take too long and are too complicated to apply.
  • We designed Dr. Scholl’s® Freeze Away Max™ Wart Remover to address these barriers. In one simple action, the precision spray directly freezes common and plantar warts for a fast, easy, targeted and effective way to eliminate warts.

Dimethyl Ether

Read the information leaflet (inside the box) before using the product.

If the wart is much smaller than the nozzle ring, or if the location of the wart does not allow for steady positioning of the nozzle ring, the use of a protection patch is advised to prevent unnecessary treatment of healthy skin.

Determine treatment duration: Choose the correct treatment duration (10 or 15 uninterrupted seconds, see below) and get a timer ready.

  • HAND: 10 seconds
  • FOOT (cavity of foot, toes, top and side): 10 seconds
  • FOOT (heel and ball of the foot): 15 seconds

Position: Place the nozzle over the wart. Make sure the nozzle ring fully connects with the surface surrounding the wart and keep a steady elbow. Hold the device upright with the nozzle pointing downwards. Start the timer.


Spray: Use your thumb to slowly press down on the can and activate freeze spray. Keep spraying for 10 or 15 uninterrupted seconds, depending on the treatment area.

Following treatment, warts may fall off within 10-14 days. When they do, new skin will form in the treated area. However, warts may require more than one treatment to obtain removal.

Dr. Scholl’s® Freeze Away Max™ wart remover contains enough gas for at least 10 treatments.

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