Clear Away® Wart Removers Seal & Heal Bandage with Hydrogel Technology

We designed CLEAR Away® Wart Remover with Hydrogel technology specifically for people with common warts who want a discreet way of removing them.

Product Benefits

Clinically proven removal of common and plantar warts

  • Clinically proven to remove common warts
  • Maximum strength without a prescription
  • Immediate & all-day cushioning pain relief
  • Hydrogel design for multi-day coverage
  • Doctor Recommended, Loved By Feet!
  • 9 cushions, 12 medicated discs


Warning: If you have diabetes or poor blood circulation, consult your doctor or podiatrist before use.

Weight 2 oz
  • A wart is a skin growth caused by some types of human papillomavirus, (HPV). The virus can infect the top layer of skin and enters the body in an area of broken skin.
  • Dr. Scholl’s® CLEAR Away® Hydrogel Wart Remover works using salicylic acid to remove commons warts. The body then replaces the wart tissue with normal, new tissue.

Active ingredient
Salicylic acid 40% (Wart remover)

Inactive ingredients
antioxidant (CAS 991-84-4), iron oxides, mineral oil, petroleum hydrocarbon resin, silicon dioxide, synthetic polyisoprene rubber, talc

Detailed instructions are available inside the package.