Dr. Scholl’s® Stylish Step® High Heel ¾ Insoles

Woman sitting on a stone ledge, holding her heel which hurts from wearing high heels

Dr. Scholl’s® Stylish Step® High Heel ¾ Insoles help to prevent foot and high heel pain. They are designed with a unique FabuSTEP Gel arch that helps shift the pressure off your ball of foot area, providing you with comfortable high heels all day. Ideal for heels 5 cm and up, the slim-fitting design of these insoles won’t make your shoes feel too tight or crowd your toes. The waves provide discreet cushioning for added comfort, even in your strappy heels. These insoles have an ultra-soft arch cushion and fit comfortably in all your pumps, sandals, sling-backs and boots.

Available in:

Women's sizes 6-10.

No trimming required.

Always read and follow the label.