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Rough, Dry, or Cracked Skin

What causes rough, dry, or cracked skin?

In most cases, dry skin isn’t a serious condition, but it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable depending on where it is.

Some of the symptoms of dry skin, especially when it comes to dry, cracked feet, include:

  • Skin that looks and feels rough.

  • A feeling of skin tightness after bathing.

  • Scaling, peeling, or flaking (light to severe).

  • Fine lines or cracks, or deep cracks that may bleed.

  • Itchiness and/or redness.

  • Gray or ashy skin, if you have dark skin.

Close up of the heel of a foot with dry and cracked skin.

In general, dry skin is caused by environmental factors that you can control, and is usually only temporary. However, there are a few contributing factors specific to dry feet and cracked heels:

  • Wearing open-back shoes.

  • Wearing shoes that cause a lot of friction on your heels.

  • Being overweight.

Two pairs of feet resting on a rock, overlooking a city