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Corns and Calluses

How can I treat and prevent corns and calluses?

There are several things you can try at home to prevent corns and calluses from forming, and treat them if they happen.

  • Soak your feet:

    Use warm, soapy water to soften corns and calluses, and use a pumice stone or callus file to remove thickened skin. And never use a sharp object to trim the skin yourself, as this can lead to cuts and infection.

  • Moisturize:

    Use creams or lotions to keep your skin soft and flexible.

  • Wear proper shoes and socks:

    Make sure your shoes fit you properly, and give you lots of cushioning. The same goes for your socks. If your shoes are so tight that you can’t wiggle your toes, they’re too tight.

  • Relieve the pressure:

    A donut-shaped foam pad over your corn can help stop it from rubbing against your shoe and relieve the pressure. A small piece of lamb’s wool between your toes can also help cushion soft corns.

It’s important to know that you can treat corns and calluses when they happen, but if you don’t address the underlying issue that’s causing them, they will likely come back.