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Foot Pampering

Why is foot pampering important?

You rely on your feet a lot in your everyday life, probably more than you realize! However, it’s estimated that at least 3 out of 4 people will experience foot problems during their lifetime. When foot problems impact your ability to get around, this can make the simplest everyday tasks very challenging.

As you age, your feet undergo a number of natural changes. However, these normal foot changes can occur alongside other more serious foot conditions. Feet can be a good indicator of your overall health.When foot problems arise, they can lead to knee, hip, and lower back problems as well. Many of these conditions can develop as a result of lifestyle and exercise habits that stress our feet, ill-fitting or non-supportive shoes and poor foot care and hygiene.

Woman sitting on a stone ledge, holding her heel which hurts from wearing high heels

The good news is that by simply taking better care of your feet, you can see a number of health benefits. Most importantly, you can keep your feet comfortable while reducing your risk of developing these foot-related problems.

Rear view of a woman in jeans and boots standing on pavemen