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Comfortable Feet

How can I find shoe comfort?

Woman sitting on a stone ledge, holding her heel which hurts from wearing high heels

Practicing preventative foot health care is an important step in finding everyday comfort for your feet.

In order to protect your feet, make sure you:

  • Find shoes that fit well and are comfortable:

    Your shoes, or comfort insoles, should provide enough cushioning and support for your everyday activities. They should also fit the length, width, and shape of your foot to prevent the development of foot problems.

    • Avoid pointed-toe shoes:

      These can compress your toes and lead to the development of foot bunions, knee pain, and lower back pain. Shoes with a round or square toe box are best for allowing enough space for your toes.

    • Choose heels that less than 2-inches:

      High-heeled shoes can place undue pressure on the balls of your feet and increase your risk of pain and injury.

    • If you choose to wear high heels:

      Try to find a shoe with a platform beneath the ball of foot area, which can lessen the stress on your foot. Make sure that there is enough room in the toe area, that the shoe is not too narrow, and that it is secure on your foot.

    • Find ballet flats with elastic along the rim of the shoe:

      This will help the flat to grip your foot better.

  • Shop for shoes later in the day:

    Your feet tend to swell (up to 8%) by the end of the day. Therefore, purchasing a pair of shoes at the end of the day can be a way to ensure your shoes will remain comfortable even after a long day.

  • Pamper your feet:

    Bathe your feet regularly with warm water and soap and make sure to moisturize thoroughly afterwards.

  • Trim your toenails straight across, but not too short.

  • Examine your feet regularly:

    Look for signs of swelling, redness, and cracks in your skin.