Dr. Scholl’s® Athletic Series Performance Replacement Insoles

During athletic activities, the foot is subject to the shock impact of 2–3 times your body weight. Dr. Scholl’s® Athletic Series Performance Replacement Insoles reduce shock by 40 per cent and can help to alleviate pain from sports-related injuries, including shin splints, runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis.

Designed for athletes, these insoles include a triple zone for full foot protection:

  • Ball of foot padding improves cushioning and helps distribute pressure throughout push-off.
  • Arch reinforcement supports the foot and is designed to improve transition of weight from landing to push-off.
  • Deep heel cups absorb the impact of your steps and are highly responsive.

These insoles also feature DryMAX technology in a 3-D weave top cloth, which helps to eliminate odour.

Available in:

Women’s sizes 5½-8.

Women’s sizes 8½-11.

Trim to fit.


Men’s sizes 7½-10.

Men’s sizes 10½-13.

Trim to fit.

Always read and follow the label.