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Foot/Leg Fatigue

What is foot and leg fatigue, and what causes it?

Foot and leg fatigue can be the result of a variety of causes. While not a medical condition onto itself, this symptom is a common ailment among our population. If you are experiencing foot and leg fatigue, you may find it challenging to be on your feet.

The structure of your foot can make you more likely to experience foot and leg fatigue. Leg and foot pain causes can also include having high arches and flat feet, which can put extra stress on your feet.

Other factors that put more stress on your feet can also contribute to fatigue. Being overweight or pregnant, leg swelling, and wearing ill-fitting or non-supportive shoes are all risk factors for developing this symptom. Also, foot and leg fatigue can be the result of becoming more physically active than usual, spending long periods of time on your feet, or making up for a foot injury by using other parts of your foot (or your opposite foot). One symptom of leg muscle overuse can be shin splints. These can cause soreness along the inner part of your shinbone.

Front view from below the knee of a man in a suit tying his shoe

Muscular weakness can also result in legs and feet that feel tired. If you tend to be relatively inactive, the smallest amount of activity can become hard on your legs and feet.

Tired and achy feet and legs can also be a symptom of some medical conditions. When there is improper blood flow to the legs and feet, you can experience swelling. This lack of blood flow is referred to as venous insufficiency. Older age, family history, female gender, obesity weight gain, pregnancy, tall height, and sitting or standing for long periods of time can all put you more at risk for developing venous insufficiency.

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