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How can I find the right shoes?

Since there are many different types of foot shapes and sizes, it’s important to keep in mind that shoes that are right for one person, may not be right for you. While we often allow style to determine the shoes that we buy – it’s important for this to not be the only factor influencing our decision. It is important to find a shoe that suits your foot and body structure, and also your lifestyle.

Here are some tips for finding shoes with better fit:

  • Purchase shoes near the end of the day:

    Your feet tend to swell (up to 8%) by the end of the day. Therefore, purchasing a pair of shoes at the end of the day can be a way to ensure your shoes will remain comfortable even after a long day.

  • Buy shoes based on fit, and not size:

    Since sizes can vary between brands and styles, try not to focus too much on size. If you’re finding a shoe too narrow, – a bigger size may not be the answer: While a bigger size may allow more space in the toe box area, which can be more comfortable, this may result in your foot sliding more within the shoe. When your foot can slide within the shoe, this can result in foot and toe discomfort and conditions.

  • Try a square or round toe box:

    Pointed shoes can crowd your toes and lead to foot and toe problems. A square or round toe box allows for more space in the toe area and can prevent compression of your toes.

  • Avoid very high heels:

    High heel discomfort can be the result of excess pressure being placed on the balls of your feet. Try to find shoes with a heel less than 2 inches high. Also, a platform beneath the toe box can give you more comfortable high heels and reduce the stress placed on your foot. Heels should be secure on your foot and not compress your toes.

  • Ensure there is ½ inch of space between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe:

    Shoes that are too tight in the toe area can lead to discomfort and various foot conditions. On the other hand, shoes that are too long can allow for foot sliding, allowing for the development of blisters and other related foot problems.