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How can I treat and prevent runner’s knee?

To put your knees at ease, you can try a combination of rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

You can also practice regular stretching and strengthening exercises, to maintain flexibility of the quadriceps and hip strength. Warming up before partaking in physical exercise can also help prevent runner’s knee, as can avoiding sudden increases in the intensity of your physical activity. Practicing proper alignment and technique, as well as maintaining a healthy weight can also be very important for reducing your risk of runner’s knee, since this will lessen the stress placed on your joints during activity.

You should also keep in mind that choosing shoes that fit well and absorb shock, or using shock-absorbing insoles, can help to protect your knees. Those with flat feet should consider shoe inserts that provide additional support.

Seeing a physical therapist can also help guide your treatment and prevention strategies. They may be able to help you find rehabilitation exercises and knee-friendly sports that would assist in your recovery. Generally, swimming and cycling are easier on the knees and can help you to stay active while you refrain from more high-impact sports. They may also suggest taping or supportive braces to support and protect your knee as it recovers.